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Alvastra in Scandinavia

Here the Alvastra site is compared with other similar sites in Scandinavia.

Hans Browall has recently (2016:159 ff) presented archaeological sites in Scandinavia bearing resemblance to the pile dwelling of Alvastra. The table below summarises his information in English. For references see Hans Browall’s text. Hans Browall highlights many similarities between Alvastra and the other wetland features, both regarding excavated assemblages and details of construction, pointing out that the rows of piles found in Alvastra are unique (Browall 2016:162 f).


Site Country Date Features Archaeological assemblage SHM accession number
Veggerslev Mose I Denmark EN-MN Horizontal wooden structure and vertical piles in wetland Pottery, flint axes
Saltpetermosen Denmark EN-MN Horizontal brushwood and vertical piles in wetland Pottery, flint and groundstone axes, animal bones
 Bundsø Denmark MN Stone paving, horizontal wood, vertical piles in coastal zone Pottery, groundstone and flint artifacts, bone tools, animal and human bones, ecofacts, amber
Søen Denmark MN- SN Horizontal brushwood and vertical piles in wetland Human and animal bones, flint axes, flint sickle
Jordløse Denmark MN? Vertical piles in wetland Animal bones, pottery
Tingbjerggård T1 Denmark EN-MN Wooden platform in wetland Pottery, flint tools
Sigerslev Mose Denmark EN Wooden platform in wetland Pottery, axe
Hindby votive bog


Sweden Late Mesolithic -Early Bronze Age Wooden platform and piles in wetland Animal and human bones, flint and groundstone tools, pottery, bone and antler tools, hammerstones, stones with remains of colour
Näbbe mosse Sweden 4920+/-60 b.p. Piles in wetland Flint and groundstone axes, pottery, bone and antler tools, net, dugout canoe, human bones 24306




Sweden 3780-3340 BC Platform with hearths in wetland Pottery, lithic tools, animal bone, ecofacts 33251



Riksten, ancient monument 638, Botkyrka parish Sweden 3339 – 2523 BC Horizontal wood and vertical stakes in wetland Pottery, wooden tools, tinder mushrooms 36089

Axe from Näbbe Mosse. SHM accession number 24306, object number 94834.  Photo SHM


Knife from Skogsmossen. SHM accession number 33251,object number 604754. Photo Gabriel Hildebrand, SHM.



The following reference on this page has no web link:

Browall, H., 2016. Alvastra pålbyggnad. 1976-1980 års utgrävningar. Västra schaktet. Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och antikvitets akademien. Handlingar. Antikvariska serien 52. Stockholm.