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08 november 2023 Kl. 18:00 – 19:00

The ‘great heathen army’ in England

Between 865 and 879 a large Viking force campaigned continuously, ultimately conquering and settling in three of the four great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, and coming close to conquering the fourth. The story of this is a key part of the established narrative of Viking conquest, and of the unification of England. Recent research on hoards, camps and the nature of Viking armies, suggests that this narrative needs to be reconsidered.

With Dr. Gareth Williams, Curator of early medieval coinage at the British Museum.

This lecture is given in cooperation with the project The Viking Phenomenon at Uppsala University.

OBS! Den här föreläsningen hålls på engelska.

Vi dyker ner i den senaste spännande forskningen om vikingatiden med hjälp av forskarna själva. Programkvällen är ett samarbete med projektet The Viking Phenomenon vid Uppsala universitet.

Läs mer om projektet här: The Viking Phenomenon – Department of Archaeology and Ancient History – Uppsala University, Sweden (uu.se)

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