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Frigg – the goddess of marriage

Frigg is the Queen of Asgard and the highest of the goddesses. Her home is called Fensalir, which means “hall of the marshlands”. She is married to Odin and her father is called Fjorgynn. She is the goddess of motherhood and is herself the mother of Balder, Hodor and Hermod.

Frigg is also the goddess of marriage and her name comes from the verb “fríja” = to love. Fridays are named after her and so Friday is considered the best day to get married on. According to myth, Frigg wears a large blue cape that symbolises the sky.

Odin’s clever wife

Although Frigg was married to the god of wisdom, she was capable of outfoxing him and sometimes they agreed bets on certain things. Odin asked his clever wife for advice on many issues and although she never made predictions, she knew a lot about the future.

Despite being the goddess of marriage, Frigg was unfaithful to Odin on several occasions, including with his brothers. Frigg and Freyja are very like each other, and their functions are sometimes mixed up.

As the Queen of the goddesses, Frigg has a group of women around her. Frigg’s attendant Fulla, with a gold band in her hair, looks after Frigg’s special ash box and all her shoes and knows all of Frigg’s secrets. Another attendant is Gna, who she sends off as a messenger. When Frigg wants to give someone protection, she sends the goddess Hlin, a name also given to Frigg sometimes.