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Guided tours

Join a guided tour with our museum educators.

Guided tour

We offer both physical on-site tours and digital tours with our knowledgeable museum educators.

Booked groups

Book a guided tour for your group. You can book a tour of our exhibitions with family, friends, colleagues, company or organisation.

Length: 50 minutes
Maximum number of participants: 30
Price weekdays SEK 1,500 + SEK 100 per participant
Price weekends and Wednesdays at 17-20: SEK 2,000 + SEK 100 per participant.
Contact bokningen@historiska.se.

In order to make a booking, we need your name, e-mail address and, when invoicing the viewing cost, also an address. We store this information in a system. According to the data protection regulation, GDPR, we are obliged to inform you about this. After the booked tour is completed and the invoice is paid, you can request that your email address be removed from the system. In that case, contact bokningen@historiska.se Read more

For groups with their own guide

Visitors with voucher: Adults (including senior citizens) SEK 150. Young visitors 0-18 years: free of charge. New customers that wish to use vouchers as means of payment, need to send a voucher sample to the Swedish History Museum for reference before the first visit with voucher.

In order for a voucher to be valid, it needs to contain the following information:

  • The museum’s name (The Swedish History Museum)
  • Company name and a name of a reference
  • Date of visit
  • Number of visitors
  • Type of service, for example admission fee
  • Company registration number
  • SWIFT, VAT and IBAN Number from companies abroad.
  • Invoice address
  • Contact telephone number
  • E-mail

Please send the voucher sample with this information to: besoksservice@historiska.se

Should changes be made at short notice, for example to the number of visitors in the group, these needs to be made directly in the original voucher and signed by the group leader.

On arrival to the museum, a printed voucher is to be presented at the ticket office by the information desk with the correct number of visitors in the group.

Invoicing occurs after completed visit, to ensure that the correct number of visitors will be charged. The Swedish History Museum does not have the possibility to attach original vouchers or include copies of vouchers with the invoice.

Groups that pay admission fee with valid vouchers do not need to pre-register their arrival.

Invoicing occurs weekly. Payment is requierd within 30 days of the invoice date. Should payment be missed or delayed, the museum reserves the right to deny visits with vouchers and will instead request cash payment on entry.

Contact information
In matters concerning vouchers, please contact our visitor service:
Telephone: +46 (0) 8 51955 620
E-mail: besoksservice@historiska.se
In matters concerning invoicing, please contact our accounting department:
E-mail: invoice@shm.se


We also offer guided tours for schools.

To our school page (in Swedish)