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Meet people who lived in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age.


  • Regular admission: SEK 150. Children and youth up to 19 years of age: Free. You do not need to pre-book an entrance ticket.
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Museum opening hours Sunday:

11:00 – 17:00

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Eight life stories

In the exhibition Prehistories history is made up of many different stories. Find out about eight thrilling life stories. These people lived in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age.

Changed opening hours in the exhibition from April 13
To ensure that no congestion occurs at Restaurant Rosengården, the exhibition Prehistories history will open at 1 pm instead of 11 am when the rest of the museum opens.

Finds and objects help us to answer questions such as: What were relationships like between men and women? What was their view of death? What did they do? How did different groups in society live? How did Roman objects end up in Swedish graves?

The more finds we discover, the more we learn about prehistory. The exhibition presents new interpretations of ancient finds.