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Audio guides

Experience the exhibitions together with an audio guide on your smartphone. The guides cost 20 SEK.

When you pay at the reception desk, you will receive a password to all our audioguides.

URL: guide.historiska.se
WiFi: Historiska
Password: history12

Photo: Katerina Nimervoll/SHM.

Available audio guides

In English

  • The Viking World
  • The Gold Room
  • Prehistories
  • Medieval Art & Baroque Hall: Church Art and Music
  • History of Sweden: Ideas about women’s sexuality from the 17th century to the modern day – Witches, child murder, morality and revolution!

Bonus material in English

In Deutsch

  • The Gold Room: Goldzimmer
  • Medieval Art & Baroque Hall: Audioguide Sakrale Kunst

En Français

  • The Gold Room: La Salle D’Or
  • Medieval Art & Baroque Hall: Guide audio Art et musique sacrés

En Español

  • The Gold Room: La Sala Del Oro
  • Medieval Art & Baroque Hall: Audioguía Música y Arte eclesiásticos
  • Prehistories

In Italiano

  • The Gold Room: La Sala D’Oro
  • Medieval Art & Baroque Hall: Audioguida Arte sacra e musica

In Russian на русском

  • The Gold Room: золото зал

For children and families

See our current offering of audio guides and activities and children and families.