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Current archaeology

In the museum’s entrance, we showcase exciting artifacts from current archaeological excavations. The objects in the showcase are rotated from time to time, so stop by and see what you find! The mini-exhibition is a collaboration between the Historical Museum and the Archaeologists.

Armringar i silver, i en monter

Photo: Henrik Pihl, The Archaeologists.

The silver treasure from Viggbyholm

When Täby municipality decided to build housing in Viggbyholm, they had no idea it would result in the discovery of a unique silver treasure! A Viking Age farm hid under ground, and early on during the excavation, a pot containing a silver treasure was found.

In the pot was a carefully packaged silver treasure with coin pendants, necklaces, bracelets, beads and an amulet ring. But perhaps the most exciting thing was that the linen bag the coins were kept in had also been preserved, along with seeds and pollen of herbs from the Viking Age!

Archaeologists first thought that the treasure was a sort of safe-deposit box placed under the floor of a house. But as the excavation went on it became clear that something was not right. Now, several interpretations are possible. Was the treasure perhaps a sacrifice to the gods?

You can see the objects in the display case “Current Archeology” in the museum’s entrance hall.

Skärvor och metallföremål i en monter

Photo: Henrik Pihl, The Archeologists.