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New Viking exhibition

The Swedish History Museum has the world’s biggest collection of Viking age objects. Our Viking exhibition is closed and we are currently working on a new exhibition which is set to open in the beginning of 2021.

The exhibition will present the world of the Vikings and our perception of it, a perception that has changed thanks to recent archaeological discoveries and research.

Vikings are known throughout the world. But what do we really know about the people that we call Vikings? The myth of the brutal warrior is well-known, but knowledge about their society and culture is far less common. The exhibition brings the people of the Viking age to life through unique objects, new stories, and interactive stations. Visitors get to step into and interact with the world of the Vikings. The traditional view of Vikings as brutal and blood-thirsty barbarians is scrutinised.

Thematic stories are built around people’s roles and relationships, showing how the exciting stories and myths are interwoven with everyday life, work, and death. Each theme is given a design which reinforces the stories. Visitors are free to wander around in an exciting exhibition space which inspires and informs them about this lost age.

At the centre of the exhibition towers, Yggdrasil, the world tree, which was a central concept in the Vikings’ mythology and conception of the world. The roots and branches of the tree reach into the exhibition room and tie the themes together.

The Swedish History Museum’s new Viking exhibition will open in the beginning of 2021.

Check back here soon to read more about the upcoming exhibition.