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31 May 2017 Kl. 15:00 – 17:00

A Red Thread – A Guided Tour to Class Struggles from Above and Below

“A Red Thread – A Guided Tour to Class Struggles from Above and Below” is a lecture performance in the form of a guided tour through “History of Sweden”, one of the permanent exhibitions that are currently on display at the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm.

The tour follows a short activist research conducted by the Belgrade based artist and activist Nebojša Milikić that focused on the historization of constitution and political dynamics of modern class society as presented in the museum’s exhibition “History of Sweden”.

A special attention will be given to the middle class(es) because of their historical ties and relations to fascist movements and ideologies. During the guided tour there will be a focus on the historical role and dynamics of “class-struggle” either visible or invisible in the museum’s exhibition.

Nebojša Milikić’s remarks and observations will be presented from the position of somebody actively involved into the current historical debates in most of Eastern European as well as in some West European countries.

The work is also related to his long-time project in Iasi (Romania), where, through the Depositorium of the Initiative of the Petite Bourgeious Party of Iasi, he explores the actuallity of pettite bourgeiois’ ideologies, mindset and political affiliations.

The project is curated by Florin Bobu in the frame of Konstfack’s CuratorLab 2016–2017 program in collaboration with the Swedish History Museum, Stockholm, 1+1 and tranzit.ro/ Iasi.


Nebojša Milikić is an artist, activist and cultural worker that is for many years interested and involved in debates about history, historical revisionism and reflections of these debates in the artistic, theoretical and institutional domains. Through his activist, artist and various cultural production he explores and critically analyses relations of official and unofficial historical narratives, ideology, politics and memorial culture. He is chiefly engaged in historical debates in former Yugoslavian and Eastern European countries where he also initiated or joined related artistic and activist research platforms (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo). He lives and works in Belgrade, where he coordinates the Speech programs of Cultural center Rex and participates in activist groups and initiatives like No To Rehabilitation, ReEX etc.

Florin Bobu (b. 1978, Tecuci) is a Romanian artist and curator who lives and works in Iași. He studied Media Art (B.A., 2005), as well as Sculpture (B.A., 2005) at ArtEZ/AKI, Akademie voor beeldende kunst en design, Enschede, The Netherlands. President since 2012 of the 1+1 association, a not-for-profit institution that aims to promote the role of contemporary artists in today’s Romanian society by strengthening their status, discussing their responsibilities and supporting artistic practices. He is also a volunteer co-curator of tranzit.ro/ Iași, since 2012. Currently he participates in the CuratorLab 2016–2017 program at Konstfack, Stockholm.