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Medieval Life

The exhibition looks at everyday life in medieval times, at saints, relics and pilgrimages, and the social importance of the Church.

The exhibits convey a picture of the things that were once to be seen in different settings – in people´s homes and in churches. Many of these objects are unique today but were much more common in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition shows various aspects of medieval life in Sweden. This was a time when religion permeated people’s lives on both weekdays and holidays (holy days), set the rhythm of the year and gave life a definite meaning. Traces of everyday living tell of domestic chores; things people wore and how they amused themselves.

Preserved jugs, ewers, cooking pots and skillets give some information about the medieval kitchen. The pottery on display is from Kalmar, one of our principal trading towns in the Middle Ages. Kalmar had a large German population, and most of the pottery comes from German territories. Personal cutlery was unusual, reserved for the wealthier members of society. The finely worked bone knife handles in display here are shaped like bagpipers and other figures.