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Meet the Vikings

Brutal robbers or peaceful traders and farmers? There are many stories about Vikings! The exhibition stands until January 6 2019.

Always free admission!

Opening hours Thursday:

11:00 – 17:00

Opening hours

Today at the museum

The true story?

The Vikings are possibly best known as brutal robbers. Today there are many pictures and stories about the Vikings, stories that describe how they travelled around the world, frightening the life out of people. This is not the true story of the Vikings.

The exhibition stands until January 6 2019. Then we will start building a new Viking exhibition, which will open May 2020.

The Vikings were mostly peaceful traders. However, most of the people who lived in the Nordic Countries during this period were not Vikings. They were farmers, hunters and craftsmen.

The exhibition does include weapons, but it also includes thousands of objects which give a different picture, telling the story of everyday activities, religious beliefs and family life.